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Digital payment to grow your business


Receive your payments easily and securely from anywhere and at any time through EdfaPay Checkout Page

Digital payment to grow your business

Get Paid Safely

Build For Speed And Scale Around Your Unique e-Commerce Needs

Payment Methods

Features & Benefits

Comply with highest level of security standards for safe transactions!


Compatible with the latest and highest security standards 3DS & PCI DSS

Multiple Payment Options

 Accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as popular mobile wallets and other payment methods

Global Reach

Process payments from customers all over the world, in multiple currencies

Fraud Protection

Advanced fraud detection and prevention measures to protect your business from fraud

Easy Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your existing e-commerce platform or ERP system

Quick Settlement

Expedite the settlement process to ensure merchants receive funds promptly

Soft Pos&PG white-label, B2B payments , payout accounts...?

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