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Our Story

Our Story Starts With You. We Understand That Payment Processing Is Essential To Every Business, Big Or Small, And We Want To Make It Easier And More Accessible For You. Our Suite Of Payments Solutions Are Designed To Help Businesses Of All Sizes Streamline Their Payment Processes And Grow Their Operations.

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Our Mission

EdfaPay pioneers Financial Hub technology regionally and globally, propelling a payment revolution that optimizes convenience for both merchants and customers. Our mission is to execute all types of financial transactions with unmatched efficiency, reducing time, effort, and expenses, all while upholding unwavering trust.

Our Vision

Empowering the global financial landscape, EdfaPay envisions redefining fintech excellence. We aim to be the forefront leader, leveraging expertise and sustainable technology to shape a future of unparalleled efficiency, security, and simplicity in financial transactions.

Our Founding Team

Ghormallah Al-Ghamdi

CEO and Founder

The Fintech expert thrives on flexibility and adaptation in the ever-changing market. With a keen eye for continuous development, Staying ahead of the game, and always in tune with the latest trends in the Fin-tech world

Nedal Sabbah

CTO and Technology Founder

Over 25 Years of Expertise in Information Systems, Cutting-edge Technologies and Methodologies, a broad spectrum of IT skills, and Extensive Suit in IoT startups and Cloud Solutions Across Various International Organizations

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