About Us

EdfaPay is a fintech enterprise that uses Soft-PoS technology to give the most efficient payment solutions that save money, time, and effort, allowing you to run and grow your business through a single app.


EdfaPay is the pioneer of softposs technology in Saudi Arabia. We allow merchants to provide all payment methods for their customers. EdfaPay execute financial transactions efficiently in the shortest possible time, least efforts & costs. Our operations and procedures are all authorized & secured by the Saudi Central Bank. According to (authorization name) instructions all applications must go through several checkups and get a governmental permit.


EdfaPay aims to be the leading enterprise in the fintech industry in Saudi Arabia. With our expert team, the sustainable technology we adopt, the level of security we provide, the speed & simplicity of EdfaPay process, we believe that our vision is just a goal in our potential & journey destination.

Features & Benefits

EdfaPay is the first Saudi fintech company that builds & integrates Softposs Saudi Made technology. EdfaPay execute your financial transactions perfectly with no operational costs

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